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are spongy. Of the decoction a tumblerful may be taken three

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are always preceded for some time by a heavy feeling of

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The general mortality for the year 1871 has been 181, or-

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gress ; but, like the penological anatomy of all the nervous qrstem, this would be an investigatioB stteadad vNh

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1679 and continued, in 1680, under the title of "Le Temple

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manent dose varies with age. One minim of the liquor for each year

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sal one, and comprises an index of the leading medi-

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made by the Executive Committee. The report of this

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For the destruction of the bacilli in sputum only very strong

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on account of their weight or adhesive power, cannot be

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infectious disea-ses (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup,

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is favored by obstruction or foreign bodies within the appendix.

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that numbers alone would not render scabies endemic ;

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tain largely to the sea, its brilliant and varied coloring, the

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aged sixty-two years. He graduated from the College of Phy-

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ined, but nothing was discovered. At autopsy, four days later,

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In this case, it is not improbable that death was occasioned by apnoea, due

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1 Studien iiber die Ursachen der Lungenkrankheiten, 1902 (Wiesbaden, Bergmann) :

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Creasote.— H., m. 15-30 (cc. 1.-2.). C, dr. i-1 (cc. 3.-4.). Sh. & Sw.,

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American readers his latest views upon several topics of considerable

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Thus far the number of wounded has not been so great as

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hyperKsthetic line bounding the anaesthetic area (referred

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incarceration of iris, including two cases of prolapse, 38 per cent;

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Pulmonary lesions were produced by the insufflation of a strain of

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cles, on close inspection, are found to be umbilicated. With respect to these

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be divided into three classes, namely, animal, vegetable, and mi-

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residence of Dr. Wm. Young, by the Rev. Wm A. Sproule, Wm.

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at first 675,887 in January 1901 ; by May 1902, 404,855 had submitted

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mation and sloughing of the organ. Abortion is precipitated

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opened and drainage effected. I can understand why one of

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health, bring comfort, console and cheer, and though your

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the free nucleus caudatus gives rise to contraction of a tonic character

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