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of these cases, is to reserve the evacuations for inspection,
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he was again seized with giddiness ; and fell into a state of syncope,
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When the abdomen is opened distinct signs of peritoneal irrita-
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The cardiac sounds became more obscure; the fever was more acute;
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Devoted to the Interests of the Medical Profession of
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Conditions and Rules Referring to the International
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Diphtheria Antitoxin in France. — C. W. Chancellor,
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large quantities of what appear to be a thick tenaciaus mucus
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regarded as " presumably due to contraction of the muscle, which is not generally
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disease, SBE, collagen vascular disease, infectious mononucleosis
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last year she had been so conscious of pelvic difficulty, that she had
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in a wound, is far more dangerous than ligature of an artery.
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tional immunization completion rate for two year olds is
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that the proper exhibition of purgative medicines affords fure
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is affected similarly to the skin, causing ulceration, ami
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devise another method of approach in a more depend-
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down than she had in sitting. At this visit Drs. Anderson and Butler
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the loco conditions in different places, and the distribution of the
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strengths. Some of this will take a hard sell and it will require
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cause a fall of axillary temperature, and occasionally a rash.
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lants. Was admitted on December 16, at 9 p.m., at the con-
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active canals, through which the blood is circulated by the vis a tergo^
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these cases were either hysteria or cerebrospinal men-
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the ankle joint (See Fig. 5; Plate II). All the muscles going to the ankle,
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is based and makes a decision only after the examination has been
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in the hair. The accident resulted from the practice,
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the administration of the drug. The output of urine reaches its previ-
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taining mercuric chlorid of the strength of 1 part in 500,
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time, so feeble that the rubbing-sound was almost inau-
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to this question, the view which seems most rational is, that emanations
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X-ray ej^aminations were in large majority of cases un-
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post-mortem examinations had been made, that cases of spontaneous
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treatment in those cases where this typhoid tendency
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and declaring some opinion. A committee might be chosen to inves-
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cular contraction, and changes in the position of the
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I first saw him on the 26th of last January. He was then sitting in a
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noticed on one side, and the sounds elicited by per-
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beg piteously to be taken to their home and friends; occasionally, in