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respiratory tract, or to some reflex nervous affection ; sometimes to a com-
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interstitial inflammation of the liver and pancrea^s, which become the st*at of
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then had practiced, becoming so busy that they could not
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of the throat and other parts are caused by the diphtheria bacillus.
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begin to appear on some of those parts ; they are at first small, and they
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pipe — and overflow, if there be one --of each of
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ough opening and cleansing of the wound. As a further
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ened Skulls in general, " with New Observations of that disease. Jena, 1858, pp.
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occupied for over 40 years. Wish to retire. Reasonable
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average arrival of one or two infected vessels, and
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public library of the city, are a valuable adjunct of in-
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inhabit the Temperate Zone. They live under stones m shady
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had none of the characteristics of the ulcers seen in connexion with
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one thousand persons, only one reaches one hundred years, six in one hun-
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Some of its fibres are oblique. Its action is to draw the two carti-
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of the chest, especially among the groups of patients
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with the parts affected, which poison paralyzes the nerves of
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Habitual amenorrhcea may result from the acute form ; more
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tion of post, dislocation of 12th body by extension and counter-
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rural, like that of Perthshire, than among one chiefly urban, like that
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* Mail enrollment form and fees to: West Virginia State Medical Association
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Unless given in small amounts liquid diet is apt to increase evacuations and some
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presence of atmospheric air in contact with the inflamed part has
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but according to my recollection, there was a difference of
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Effects of Stricture ; Inflammation of the Bladder, Ureters, and
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tensive peritoneal adhesions, which were paitly broken
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can i take promethazine if i have high blood pressure
the umbilicus, I made an incision about three inches
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sounds became weaker and disappeared, the pulse became perfectly
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it is to be borne in mind that remissions are apt to take place, followed