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ical education . of an infant. At first his motions are utterly
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Resolved, further, that we deeply regret his loss, not only for this Society
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the idea embodied is the abolition of the word asylum,
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the combustion of carbon as being the main origin of the force-
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Basin and the Lake Hotel is not passable at this earlier
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less than 5 nor more than 15 mg. of creatinin. Within these limits
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Plymouth. — Dr. J. B. Brewster, Plymouth, President ; Dr.
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of malignant cases, the disease is necessarily fatal. The blood changes
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three lost one was ninety-six hours in labor, three
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would be light. But do any such relations in fact exist
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sanatorium, who occasionally visits them. The object of these
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the inferior strait, it is essential that the practitioner should convert it
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The symjjtoms of dyspepsia are, in the first place, local, that is, rcfcraUe
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ing the kidney from its surroundings ; on the cadaver at least the latter pro-
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or true nutritive food-elements, are converted into the
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would be about one 800,000th; and for the period of greatest intensity one
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costal muscles, before being divided. If we pursue the
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on them and finished the operation before he put on the ligature, and these are
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The trustees have lately sanctioned an increase in the
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In regard to the case reported by Dr. McGeachey, where the
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Since the report of the Grovemment Commission there
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that period are defaced by the grossest errors: and, with a
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membranous surface, but to the parts immediately surrounding it, by
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ethers, and by eiiiineat physicians of the College,
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if gathered together and sheltered within the ample
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the one hand, the frequency of multiple generations, on the other,
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these exquisitely delicate organs, while performing these
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on this head between it and the epidemic form; nevertheless, facts
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The following dietetic rules for the treatment of diarrhcea in tuberculous
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excite a morbid condition of some part of the optic appa-
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equimolecular with 0.85 per cent, sodium chloride) were added to
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promotes good fellowship, removes petty jealousies, has
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Dr. Lumsden cited a case which had been under observation