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nerves of tactile sensation, and are necessary to enable the organs,

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If the patient is young, and in vigorous health, the Bromide of Potas-

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From the histological point of view the changes in the cartilage are

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of the skull is admirable. In the section relating to the

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use. I find no text by which we may be guided only the exercise of

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recurred several times, containing biliary matters and presenting the nsnal changes charac-

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you wish he would get sick or had broken his leg. In

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foecal matter become solid or nearly so above the stricture,

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excitory kind which may occur in association with lesion of any one of

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city, whose great attainments, practical experience, and elevated position,

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sur-Mcal emph^ -ema arises as he pa-e- from a rarer into a denser atmosphere,

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the nutrition and development of the patient are also affected ; the so-

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ity of cases the distinction can be drawn. In simple glandular hyper-

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bacillus w^as thoroughly mixed with 10 c.c. physiological salt

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later sent to Boston and placed under my care. Confinement was ex-

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We may generally relieve a paroxysm with the prompt and unhesi-

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it was found to have healed throughout by immediate union. The

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which occasionally become watery and cedematous and

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globin, that which was now circulating to a certain

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Human Sexuality. — A Medico- Literary Treatise on the Laws,

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disease, he murdered his wife. Your commentator says the

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(n) I have not been able to discover the Christian name of this gentle-

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labelled container it ceases to have a value greater than that

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side the kidneys that give rise to albuminuria, ni)' atten-

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all individuals, not included in these classes, who

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nitric acid, with which the treatment may be begun, in thofe