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after the disease had lasted more than a year. Quite often, in

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The aneurismal pouch cleared out, as I have said, held exactly 4 ounces

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quinin. In such cases Liegeois recommends its administration with

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Labbe). Parasite exceeding the host-cell in length and doubled

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Dr. John W. Hamilton died April 4, at his late residence, 437

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nesia. After using this for some time, the boy discharged a large

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week during the winter session a clinical demonstration is given

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000 has been granted from the Bavarian Civil List to the

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The lungs show a moderate amount of congestion. The walls of the air

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instance human milk was injected, and the serum was found to

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mediocrity; indeed, most of them have fallen far below even this

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taken to prevent or minimize the effects of subsidence and

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A possible action of quinin in malaria is interesting.

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organs. Thus the liver, kidney, and spleen are connected with the heart

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estimating urea, it being pretty generally conceded that the

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favourable, and this applies especially to the endocarditis ; (3) the

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Fasciohdae with long flattened body and somewhat pointed

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antiseptic dressing of terebinth and oil of roses, digested with albumen.

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reports. Now, in discussing this matter, do not let gentlemen

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Cut in very small slices a carrot, a turnip, a stick of celery,

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This patient had neither syphilis, eczema, nor psoriasis ; there was

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excellent health, and on his return home he found them both

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openings in the ear, this disease may be suspected.

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that great relief is often experienced from wrapping the

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lium of cutaneous glands. He contended tliat the mole-

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production of pain is not necessarily a contra-indication, and especially when

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clusiveness of the sect to which William and Samuel Tuke be-

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breadth from foreign experience. When there were sick on board

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Pearson, K. (1907). Fimt Study of the Statistics of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

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London County Council, from which he was temporarily

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ureteritis and peri-ureteritis are of small moment, their symptoms being

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like various other substances which might be named, it cleanses the

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attacked with a pain in the lower jaw, attended sometimes with so large a flux of blood,

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are living. Gives no family history of phthisis. On

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presence of the cholera vibrio in the spleen, but up to the

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internal management. The great point, however, of debate

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