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of the pulmonary tissue, medical men did not question, any
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Deutsche Vrtljschr. f. otf. G>nillitspflg., Brnachwg., 1889,
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sicians, Students of Medicine, Midwives and Students
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Theargumentrespectingthe therapeutical opened for a reconsideration of their true
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sufficiently large. When completed, the dressing forms a firm, smooth,
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him that a person could have severe concussion of the
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Professors Bennett or Virchow wrote. 3. That he cannot claim it on the ground
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the elastic trabulse, serving to connect the numerous capillaries."
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med. Central-Zeitung" gives the following formula, which has been used
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for repeating the emetic, should the peculiar dyspnoea above described
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surface may be covered with granulations, and numerous amyloid bodies
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table, the incidence of infection appeared greater than it
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poned by therapeutical measures. Measures are to be addressed to the
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the substance of liver than of hiiamed lungs, and sank to the bottom when thrown into water
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by giving it a little more to do every day, but great care must be taken
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ature on the subject. The tendency of the last year or two, however,
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Dr. Albert L. Gihon, U. S. N., who, in a few felicitous
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megatheriolysin, as such, and mixtures of the lysin with unexhausted serum.
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intoxication, were the most hable to this disease. M. Esquirol also
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not explain. Now, on this subject we have a word of warning
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Another constant phenomenon in the development of small-
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be understood, however, that at best the preparation of chloral is