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Three observations of the optical rotation of this material were
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Chapter II. (page 314), entitled "Garrulity of the Vulva" (including
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* Annals of Surgery, vol. zxxviii, July, 1003, p. 44.
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more numerous than usual when the vessels approached the
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•Professor of Medicine, University of Alabama School of
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Beale's out-spoken, sensible, and manly letter published in a;
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blood-vessels and lymphatics in chancre, that the contagion
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considered, especially in relation to the case of Rud-
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the arterial circulation. It is moist gangrene from venous congestion, not
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three months of amenorrhoea. She was told she had had a miscarriage,
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moderate or considerable. The paralysis remains at this point stationary
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Prof. Hare reverses the plan in this work and discusses the symptoms first,
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Sir,— Having been applied to for further information in explanation of
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all of her subsequent attacks I have given the morphine as soon as I reached
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or fewer in any given case. The group of symptoms given
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superficial, anterior, and propagated down the back in the course of the
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Other Investigators: E.W. Cole, R.I. Fisher, S.D. Richman, A.E. Jones,
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haemorrhages occur from the various canals. Mercurial cachexia thus
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the fullest capacity at all times. It is reported that from twenty-four
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cases observed before delivery, 6 showed a small increase, 3 a small loss, and
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legal British qualification suffices to allow a practitioner to
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without interruption of pregnancy. As the pressure is re-