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with gradual, sometimes rapid, emaciation, loss of appetite,
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pain in the head, and appears to be in a way of recovering, if
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be maintained. — Medical Times and Gazette., Feb. 16, 1884.
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patient had completely put them out of mind and believed that his
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so dressed as to favor infection ; foreign bodies were overlooked or left
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the use of the high intensities which I have advocated in
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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of
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Creasote.— H., m. 15-30 (cc. 1.-2.). C, dr. i-1 (cc. 3.-4.). Sh. & Sw.,
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For our dark night is waning, our day dawn is nigh !
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particles. Instead of tubercle bacilli, the fungus asper-
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extracts of aromatic plants, such as absinthe, bitters, or vermuth, and
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when early surgical intervention may restore him to health. The
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perature 97'2 C '. A very faint tinge of colour is found in the
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finger into position so as to tap the applicant's finger as a signal foi-
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I have chosen these two cases from quite a large number
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courage him by telling him that his wounds are not serious,
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