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The Society was called to order by the President at
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the concentration of leukocytes and serum about the invading microbes,
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take every thing new, as represented by some prominent men in the
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speedy metastasis, is one of the most extraordinary
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are propagated. The radium salt was placed in a glass
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prove the immediate cause of death. Dyspnoea, independently of any ap-
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ways prescribed. Its effects upon the system are generally prompt,
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when the cerebrum was frozen. Sometimes the movements
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and the physician in charge, Dr. Marsh, said he was not able to deliver
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the remainder of his days and make no further effort to recover himself, any more
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In: Samml. klin. Vortr., n. F., Leipz., 1893, No. 70 (In-
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registered in each of the four weeks ended Saturday, June 19,
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during the week ended February 2G, I'JIO, and during each of the preceding three
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Physical examination showed no rigidity of the muscular wall, but he
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assume, that wounds which are parallel to the axis of the heart,
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fiilent with animal life, yet the vapour of nitrous and marine acids
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in similar constitutions, each well marked case of disease, will present characteristios as
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Secretary, G. E. Bell, Wilson, Jefferson Med. Coll., 1921 1921 1922
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lished in 1847, also refers to the adhesive straps as his
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showed evidences of typhoid with diarrhea. Blood cul-
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to take this opportunity to thank the following individuals:
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ology ; Mr. George Eartlett, £100, in appreciation of his
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be due to an increased blood volume, which caused a
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philosophy of his time, that he attracted students from all coun-
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Transactions of the New Hampshire Medical Society, 1874. Concord. 1874.
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made to lateral homonymous hemianopsia. All other forms are due to a