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2d. That oxalate of lime calculi are practically insusceptible to acid and alka-
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Ibid., 879. — Hamilton (A. McL.) On cortical sensory
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subsequent to the evulsion. Anti-syphilitic treatment was employed, viz.,
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agreement with the normal figures for htunan blood reported by Lewis
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Herman's DifficuU Labour. Sixth Edition. Revised and
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success falls short of that which attended the profession before che-
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in size, tends to assume an eccentric position, and has even
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rheumatology — 1980. Arthritis Rheum 1981;24:1 168.
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animal chemistry; therefore, I humbly pay my highest tribute
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and in the meantime applications from individual hospitals are
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with thickening of aortic and mitral cusps ; there was also
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little probability that a cure will be effected, and all that can be hoped for
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We take great pleasure in presenting our readers with a few' remarks
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epidemics as exemplified by the Maidstone outbreak.
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cates the power of transmission, and this variation in size is similar
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in its nature, as is disease itself; it is a unit, in its nature, in its princi-
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portant nerves and blood vessels whose slightest maladjust-
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and well, and, in order to avoid inoculation during accidental disease
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cases which occurred before 1850, and the latter since the aspirator
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