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ference in the language employed by the different legis-
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The Megular Term of Lectures in the Long Island College Hos-
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dilatation of the vessels of the breast, a fact which is denied by M. Vulpian.
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characterized by remissions exactly similar to those that occur in
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yet you may blister him on some other part. And such,
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The terms are, lOO'dollars per annum : to be paid in advance.
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perforating the flooring corresponding to the position of each bed, is an iron
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and slender. This passes forwards from the crop into the
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specially voted by the society. 3. That it be recommended
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foul smelling odor due probably to a fecal fistula, as gas escaped from the vagina during its
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that, there has been a wonderful improvement in the earnest-
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the predisposition being less evident and these causes
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iinastomosis was done, and the patient apparently got quite well.
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forms of fever, the method is founded on the suspi-
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cerebellum ; and that on lesion of this lobe, directly or indirectly, the
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pecting that the tracheal tube had become obstructed he
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it serves pretty certainly to distinguish this affection from peri-
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important as keeping reports stereotyped for purposes of com-
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conditions" is an axiom laid down by the author, but disputed by some
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increased peristalsis, so that the contents are hurried on into the
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10. An act authorizing the establishment of a Medical Fa-
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was attached to a separate incision in the left groin, made by
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tissue. These differ widely in the extent of their reaction to irritation.
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age has been found to vary from 46 to 50, or slightly more ; probably
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the attempt to use it. I think it is a form of treat-
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der ordinary circumstances uterine hemorrhage means a
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development was preceded by cor}-za, conjunctivitis, and a spotted rash
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wandered in his garden, as to where the clinking coins came
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of the sounds ; no evidence of -increased arterial tension