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test is based on the resistance of fetal hemoglobin (HgF)
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limited to the first year of life, but continues to mani-
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is only one day long, thus the fever terminates by crisis. During
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be merely the serum of the blood, which, by long separation from
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Sulphur as a Disinfectant. — " In disinfection by burning sulphur,
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but in very few instances. Its smell is acid, and peculiar; so
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as ours. Against such absurdities a constant battle has to
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of bacterial products. A little later the rapid advance of bacteriology
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Diphtheria Near Baltimore. — The residents of Mount
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ependymal cells, and are analogous to sensory epithelium. The
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illness. This time a severe abdominal attack has laid
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Many pus pockets were opened and surgical treatment of the disease begun.
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found that the infants passed a gritty material which caused a great
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the surface; but then it shows itself also in one or
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degeneration, the ganglia in the heart being normal.
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Fia. 91. Lateral view of brain, showing FeiTicr*8 centres of niorcments.
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oners," and closes by saying that after having unmasked
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respiration ; and others have observed, that these animals have
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unpleasant sequela?, which I experienced in a far-advanced
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A man, get. 51, three months before death, received a blow on the
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dosage may be increased to one tablet following the evening meal and one tablet
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Pregnancy. 60. ARAL Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Chorea Gravidarum, 1895.
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come compressed. The urine then ceases to flow from the kidney into
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venesection had been of late largely replaced by other methods.
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diphtheria in the same person. It is they which constitute the liability
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Sunday, 20:iv:'13. — A large batch of fleas (batch 6) collected from
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experiments which would be out of the question had we not
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