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" In this group there is marked hypertrophy and moderate dilata-

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use of a like serum in monkey poliomyelitis. That, however, seems to

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blood about 3 mm. in diameter spurted out for fully one minute,

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These substances are known to exist in oats, wheat,

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Technique and Indications for the Vaginal and Cesarean Section.

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natural color, but they looked large and flabby. The middle finger of the

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was not expedient to take any measures respecting a medical

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blood in its margin ; and so much the greater is the deposi-

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joint disease which, through neglect, demand primary am-

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York ; The Technique of Abdominal Hysterectomy, by Dr.

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up the charges made against the Reformatory management.

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Dr. Hughes' friends and admirers on this side of the Atlantic.

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economy their habitat — three weeks — they place out their

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suggested by some surgical text-books. A recovery after inguinal

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are found the injections should be continued. In the fulmin-

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Second : A solution of carbolic acid is to be added to the

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from the uterus seems to bear no relation to the size

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this misfortune happen to a woman who is brought to bed by herself?' (Op.

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because they become, from the nature of their functions, so

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and chemical. It has to do with molecules and atoms,

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his feet. Five or 6 cm. of the long saphenous vein were re-

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Later on I made a diagnosis of typhoid fever and called Dr.

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running from the side of the penis to the body-wall; p.m., pro-

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Always take a pull at the team to steady it just before you arrive at

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perfect and unsatisfactory light. No chloroform was

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viated towards the left, and there was marked hemi-

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not always possible to refer them to a contagious origin ; and, in the midst of

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