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Bridge, Nobman, A.M., M.D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Rush Medical


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the public. I am happy to find her journal of the case so full and cir-

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with caustic potash, but which neither undergoes fermentation nor

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which contributed to the development of the habit of using the drug. We

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tion of the murderer Taylor at Auburn prison on July

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need of missionary work among those practitioners who

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annually worked or nearly starved to death, and then sold fur the value

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experiences, with a view to bringing out those of other Fellows of the

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ery," which led Dr. Zumbrock to enlighten them with regard to

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But, at length, compelled to speak out, she was sepa-

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diseases, are not only contradictory for the most part, but, above all

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hands of the operator and the instrument known as the

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Monnow Valley. To this is appended a plea (quite unjustified hy the

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and creed of the Empire. — Medical Press and Circular.

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Case of apparently Vicarious Menstrual discharge. By

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It had the influenza last November ; since that time, the

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of strychnia is due to a disturbance of the circulation which prevents

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Report of the Vaccine Institution at Edinburgh - - 257