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Thus, under circumstances perfectly similar, and on tlie next day after

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upper portion affected, while as to the bacteria which cause these infections,

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the long-continued respiration of it in a diluted state. The quantity con-

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has many points in common with other forms of arteritis, and I will add that,

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succeed. Many fail, however, simply because they don’t

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(11) Circumstances Connected with Individuals. — The alcoholic is espe-

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a striking manner but is without virulence for rats. It is virulent however for guinea

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in his abdomen when he moved. He considered that he

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typical drum-stick bacilli, after the course of from eight

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so rapidly as they go down the neck behind the ster-


Rolls. On May 7 he gave his judgment in favour of the

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Within the last few days a case has shown, in the most

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amine it carefully, and, says Art. IV., " we feel ourselves in-

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past history was negative except malaria thirty years

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digesting gelatin with pancreas. Brieger, his pupil, isolated from

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there were rashes in 20. In 12 cases the rash was an

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General Practitioners, House Surgeons, Students and General Dressers.

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to him, only comparable results on dogs of the same families are of any

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vesication commences, the vesicated surfaces being allowed to dry up

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severity of the infection and the type of organism causing it. The

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portion of the mass. This vessel could not be picked up readily

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ferior surface, two lateral surfaces, a base or fundus,

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tion, the physician, the patient and the government

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associated with tuberculosis of the peritoneum. Ebstein and Zaudy report

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faculties. This was farther shown by her remembering

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this Section, the question was whether in Table VIII the deviations, which

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and that the middle-classes were vastly better oft when they

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the others, that nothing is said about the possibility

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or by means of a specially designed apparatus, as rec-

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and although from time to time they had repeated haemorrhages, these

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Formul. des Hopitaux, p. 193.) — Note hy Dr. Forbes.