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there is marked stiffness of the muscles of the neck. Among
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eUNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.
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In regard to the tendon refl.^xes, the important question is
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education in the art of percussion requires a certain dexterity, which
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Cerebritis, and Abscess of the Brain. Structural Lesions within the Cranium. In-
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To the Yale University School of Medicine: $7,744.73
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urine bears no constant relation to that of the blood normally,
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pletely local, and in which the growth is of a superficial character. In such,
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solid tumour of the upper jaw, it does not follow that tlii*
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kind in use. Dr. Eberle states: — "Castor oil is very
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a few flocculi of fibrin. The upper lobe of the lung is normal, but the lower lobe is to a
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(2) Has the consultant ever seen the patient before?
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can be obtained by observing the effect upon the feces of the admin-
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Ist. If the brain of au animal be exposed and irritated, either with mechanical or chemi-
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sists or avoids the destruction in which the surrounding tissue's
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postpartum hemorrhage may be prevented. Stagey (Kansas)
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affording a means of entirely obviating this difficulty,
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one source of hippuric acid, occurs in all plants of the order
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nothing in it more specialized than the vascular sys-
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Human Infection. — The finding of influenza bacilli as the sole infecting
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She began a course of James's Powder, by taking two
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chronic ulcer of the stomach when free hydrochloric acid
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fection may enter the body. These are usually grouped under three
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and immediately above it another smaller one. In this case the
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