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obstinate, but gives no relief. The patient soon becomes anxious,
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guarded designation of Marie, the term " tuberculous poly-
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but with others, because it is well recognized that pleasant conversation
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Clinical observation fully confirms this fact. But some cases have
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in the blood and from the hyperglycsemia so produced glycosuria
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origin in the experiments I made on myself in 18>ti, experi-
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Co.. 12, Hanover Street, Edinburgh, and 90, West Nile Street, CJla-gjw ; or
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middJe spongy bone, iu audi a way as to pas3 between tbe latter and the
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countries, and, as we have remarked, is the great agency for the dis-
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because the judgment of surgeons on this subject is of little value.
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The figures are, however, too small on which to base any close
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call typhoid fever. The poison of the typhoid bacillus does not
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Committee to investigate the action of several new drugs was
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licity, would secure greater confidence from the people tlian
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Evidence of Mr. T. Shaw, M. P. : the Scotch System in Cases of
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tion. Still, in view of the feeling against vaccination which
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ment and regret, not unmixed with dissatisfaction, that in
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crease in previously existing fat. In these cases of starsdng, the fatty
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patient being removed from the bath. He should, however, be re-
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function of the various organs which we include under the
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have been more affected than cities, but in New York in 1904 and 1905
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into the profession by the back door, but to enable them to
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of a practical examination in operative surgery, and of any
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goitre upon the trachea. On laryngoscopic examination an
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that its valves become incompetent, often leading to ascites. I
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castor oil and 5 gr. of thymol, should be given on an empty stomach.
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walking, while ordinarily automatic, may be volimtarily directed.
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becomes bloody or purulent. In some cases the effusion of fluid may
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appears worthy of recording, on account of the reappearance
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head, of Ventnor, and seconded by Dr. Meeres, of Shanklin,
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or special laboratories for cancer research, but it has to be admitted
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matter was receiving their consideration. The Commissioners unani-
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days after sentence. Among the few persons of the better
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symptoms, which ^vill greatly aid in their topical diagnosis, and thus
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R. D. Patterson, Caledon ; Mr. C. E. Paget, Salford ; Dr. J. W. Parke,
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from the fifth cranial to the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, and the
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its digestive effects in the fundus of the hUmsixh itwdf . »e»6«^ ^iiv-
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or slate-gray color, and are usually fetid and pasty. This gray color
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gravity of the disease any more tlian the presence of hyaline