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course will be delivered on Saturday eveumg, November

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structive properties of the aconite plant furnished

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"I'ournicr. Les Affections fiarasyphilitiques, 1894.

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Yet if we consider for one moment the idea of auto-

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F., which lasted about a week. Mis condition remained

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following day. At the end twenty-four hours she was

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Rome, late Pretour. Rut to come againe to women, hardly

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ally pronated, so that the under surface of the guillo-

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4. Tuberculin Treatment in Advanced Stages of Tuber-

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the cells which composed the walls had a combed out ap-

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fornices and slightly lateral laceration of the os uteri.

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weapon used was a revolver of .22 calibre. He shot him

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be surprised on finding the primitive amateur theo-

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causes, exclusive of stillbirths, numbered 651, correspond-

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cinations. After these if the alcohol is still con-

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tration of a State should be recognized as one body,

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his or her fitness, anatomically, for voice culture.

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erythema or an urticaria, but it has been transitory.

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corroboration of this fact, I will quote from a let-

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free from other organic lesions, either of the liver,

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leech, a good substitute may be improvised by scarifying the

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tient cannot think a question out ; he is stopped. It

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All this should be viewed as corrective rather than

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Frank. — In Hoboken, New Jersey, on Sunday, Novem-

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secondaries. He had a generalized maculopapular erup-

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187, being 10.8 per cent, of the total mortality. The deaths

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ably the patient waits until the eleventh hour to call

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the record reads: "Had a single very slight attack in last

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