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1886, pt. 2, 231-252. — Charcot (J.-M.) L'6pid6mie de
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globulin and the Wassermann reaction. Winternitz, 9 by using the
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momile, quassia, columbo root, &:c. have each been found useful
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Commentary. — This is an instructive characteristic case of that
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and, for good or ill, it is an ever present and effective force.
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class of cases operated upon through the abdomen. These abscesses
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time long enough — a good many months in some cases, no
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Aconite is a useful remedy when the aetion of the heart is ra[)id, and may
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culation being of any benefit in snake-poisoning. In this case
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where the use of the centrifuge, and microscope and culture
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bishop ? — Ed.] Who did not feel a shudder crawl across his heart, when
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