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at its entrance into 4. tumor mass on posterior suriace of stomach; 5. aorta; 6, inferior vena cava; 7, sapenor
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should give trouble subsequently its presence could be de-
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tions which may result distinctly from the operation. The third
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lethality These doses, in some studies, have been reported to cause
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The attitude toward mental illness has fluctuated during the ages. In primitive times the
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case was sent to Doctor Gushing for operation. A pituitary tumor
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Irving Burka, M.D.. President-Elect* Robert Langevin, M.D., Second Vice President*
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iiiIso<r(A.V.) K kazuistikie vliyaniya likhoradocknikli
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shown, historically, that previous outbursts of cholera in this
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containing ipecacuanha or squills (F. 314) ; or, if there
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lively satire, of the ridiculous claims of some of the
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the flaps sloughed to a considerable extent, and slight secondary hemor-
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the more rapid and the more complete is the conversion of
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there must be some connection between the phenomena by which
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may be suspension of the renal function, due to obliteration of
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or not, it is at all events beyond doubt that the action of the
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drunk every day of his life for many years, he had been unable to
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into one visual impression, the two eyes have to be
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formly increasing the intensity of the reaction. Experiments
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think, be depended open as exhibiting a fair view of the profession through-
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tain to cure the haemorrhage, unfortunately, however, it some-
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expelled about 15 hours later. There was no improvement for
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Charles Hastings fully concurred ; he hoped that the time was
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spot, some remote abiding place in the country or on the
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done, that a year or two-year course could fit a man to practise,
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Twelve members of the Society have lost their membership
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She began a course of James's Powder, by taking two
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quote his own language. " If we know nothing of the re-
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istics of epilepsy are recurrence by attacks with loss
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plantation, for one passage, in plain broth. The method of dissocia-
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jointly by their county of residence and the state.
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so dressed as to favor infection ; foreign bodies were overlooked or left
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recognition of a pathognomonic set of physical signs, but on a study
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might be epitomized as follows : 1. It was a powerful local
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also deposits of hardened coagula amidst the villi imbedding them. At certain
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