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than it would be absorbed from the gastro-intestinal canal. In that

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given rise in one case to a marbled inflammation of the lungs.

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toms of collapse occurred. This was a case reported by Dr. E.

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•either as regards the cavities or the valves. Kecent pericar-

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part of the patient to make it applicable, and he finds no reason to abandon

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The lines upon which the clothes have hung may, for fyrther fc-

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las, inHuenza, typhoid, and possibly also malaria. —

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duced. In the first bath the patient fainted, the respiration

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them. The first appearances were small red, telangiectatic spots

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well adapted to its purpose. Test-tubes are prepared

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°' T'he 'fo'llowing'data are sufficient to show that it is not

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Figure 5. Relation between rates for neuropsychiatric and -wounded admissions.

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clothing used about the bed should be absolutely clean. The future

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sists of three or four bones, movable upon each other by a gingly-

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technique of abdominal and intestinal surgery that our re-

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are produced bj^ parasites, and that they renew the attacks in the act

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There are roughly two types of hospitals in China, the one con-

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the cold bath the only really efficient method. Now, a


that it is, as a rule, advantageous to attack it from above. When the

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by a proper fitting abdominal supporter, regular visits from

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on immediately after nursing. I told the mother that

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temperature gave rise to malnutrition and marked anemia —

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5. Trace a drop of blood from the superior vena cava to the appendix

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with an abnormal thyroid gland is diseased one way or the other ;

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ular laboratories into the clinical analysis of patients with

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ter condition is the result of downward displacement by disease, or was

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,Dec. 27th, four days before her confinement, both ex-

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a beggar, and whose sanitary police was unexceptionable. This gem of a

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said by him with advantage concerning the treatment during