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any portion of the rectum. In cases seen early, in which the growth
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dissection fell into disuse, and human anatomy was studied
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merits of mercurol, a combination of mercury and nucleinic acid. Further
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At the autopsy of this man, and of others dying from
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cases tested, it would appear that the liver insufficiency in a given case
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tutional taint lurking in the system, and no remedies can be otherwise
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On the Action of Alcohol and its lvalue in Disease. — The
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syphilis, thus first proposing a true germ theory. But the confirmation of
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vigorously for thirty-six hours, but without the smallest result. He
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burn, smooth, supple, and with the exception of telangiectasis,
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Recently this has been under attack by a group of extremists who would not hesitate to do anything to obstruct the
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claim remedial measures. In addition to the physical operation of reme-
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The more the subject is considered the more evident will it appear, that the
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dered substances (cinnabar) into the circulation. The
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1891 a. — Remedy for lice. [Letter to editors, dated Julv 2] <West. Swineherd,
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debility, loss of appetite, " blowing," and muscular stiffness, especially