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or tissues — the so-called homologous, which, under certain
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regard to the proper mode of extension, I can do no
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panied either by pain or intolerance of light ; sometimes with-
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the variations due to environment, as in the color of different
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physician on the referral form. We would appreciate,
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serving (narcissistic) creatures. Was his perception due
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bacilli, and even kills them ; but it certainly does not produce
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spot of sufficient elevation, and equally sheltered
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Declined to vote : — Dr Alexander Wood, Dr Macrobin, Dr A. Smith, Dr
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which 1,892 were mononuclears. Inoculated intratracheally with one loopful of
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tion of some of the more interesting and instructive
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three stages of syphilis, emphasized the differentiation between hard
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line have made it unnecessary for me to go over the
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with vertigo. Sometimes the first symptom to attract attention is an
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curves showed that both children thrived less well during the second
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This is seen constantly in many of the industrial pur-
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kind of treatment pursued. The fecal vomiting may then be
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Massachusetts. Its first class has lately been graduated.
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and may answer well in many cases, but it has been known to
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therefore, can distinguish how much of such a dulness is produced by this peculiar
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beef-tea, Lemco, Oxo, and all meat extracts ; the fat of butcher's
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Spores with two to four large, clearly visible polar capsules.