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A week's study of the case in hospital in January, 1894, re-

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Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is an ethical Proprietary remedy and has been

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sneezing, profuse serous nasal discharge, laehryma-

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The foregoing pathologic data can now be summarized by

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tilation would be 36,300 cubic feet per hour. These cars were dependent

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she conducted successfully for several years. Having resolved

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I offend not with my tongue." " When you can keep that rule," he said,

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managers, presided over a large audience which included Sir

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and while holding the knee in line the tibia is rotated inward until

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cases the power may never return and the victim will remain permanently

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Dr. P. Dandridge, of Cincinnati, one case, a piece of wire.

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skating fell upon the right buttock. The pain was so acute as to compel the

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6. Recent Investigations Bearing on Infectious Diseases of Unknown

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a bad sign, and almost without exception foretells an early fatal issue, c. In-

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on hand. Data contained in the stock control records are

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and die early, within ten days. Three such cases have I seen within