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the breast, and ill-defined; but the whole gland is often

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thal, and other authorities who have employed the cell-chamber method,

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tation of the blood. Kind of vessel in which the blood is re-

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folly, and that he had discovered the eternal and infallible law beyond

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certain of his muscles, or all of them, are shrunken, rigid or paralysed.

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gait, followed bv permanent rigidity of the legs and paroxysms of convulsions

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ankles in the streets, and the mothers must have little sense who

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In order to examine the nature of this new phenomenon, he

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than if alone. Finally when the coccus is wholly confined

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Motion Picture Demonstration. Operations: Bone Graft for

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which was about the size of a hazel-nut, it was found to be of firm consistency exter-

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tirely disappeared, but the sensory impairments and the patellar

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a hard day's work or severe exercise. In Ceylon the usual history

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usually give .03. The remedy is made up in a pill with an

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Tne s»-l;i '/.«.> I -law o: ovvv.iiriv.' i:;iprt*s&iou/' according to which

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fact (whicli has been ascertained over and over again) that even

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by di£ferent workers were not always the same, the per-

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Physician in Cliarge of Cancer Research, Battersea Hospital.

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the patient appeared to be a young woman of average intelligence,

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attracted everywhere the most profound attention, and

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Worcester, PhD, outreach specialist for UW-Madison Women's Studies and

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sure by the pregnant uterus upon the ureters, eclampsia is unknown.

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Schroeder has employed the vapour obtained by burning bella-

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poplar buds have long been used in France for a simihir p^-

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extend simultaneously ; the ulcer invades the pustulous part; the pustules that

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never accompanied by ankle-clonus; and (7) it is probably due

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Surgery. UCSD at U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego. Mon-Fri. 26 hrs.

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forceps operations. These, of course, embrace all reported cases, without

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are produced with bubbles of different sizes, accord-

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cotton wool for one hour at 150° C. After sterilization

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marked pustulation and considerable involvement of the mucous

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and up to a few days before his death, it was hoped that his

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This has given him good results in follicular tonsillitis.

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The source of the pigment is supposed to be the heroatin or coloring

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tinct tremor could be produced in the hand. The sphincters

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