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pulmonary circulation. In gout, chronic Bright's disease, and sj-philis. how-
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tents of the cyst attached to the main tumour were blood and red
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ever sort, which have a bearing on medicine. Dr. Dalton said he thoroughly
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no doubt, is, that the afl^ection of the nervous system so often arises from
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hour, promising the same result on the morrow. Mean-
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high opinion of its merits. That opinion has been justified by
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into the second stage, before applying for treatment
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secondary school did, or could under any circumstances, teach
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in most cases to fail in some. For instance, I have used the Cubic
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glutamic pyruvic transaminases in children. Proc. Soc. Exp.
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attention to detail can make them. Less quantities than the
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either does not develop properly or where it atrophies.
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be the truth of the popular notion that there exists a kind of
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heates in reference to Digestion. By A. Cokdier, M. D. — In order to appreciate
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vasations of blood may be found on the surface of the heart. Ulcerations
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we gave a note of GleJitschine, the new alkaloid of
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Though, from the last report of the Medical Ofiicer of Health,
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tion which would offer the best advantages in guard-
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roseolous syphilide, typical in all particular.s, on the body.
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inhabit the Temperate Zone. They live under stones m shady
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Thirtij-third Regiment. — Murdock McGregor, M.D., of Boston, to be Assistant
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extricate ourselves ; and, before going further, I shall therefore
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it not do so by the third day, a small tea^poonful of Castor Oil may
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wound of the bite. This is therefore a contaminative method of in-
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paralytic symptoms give the first sign of tubercular menin-
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many other bacteria, may lie in a dormant state for months or even
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geon must make known to the Director of Services, theater army
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which are composed of strong, tough, elastic fibers. Around the
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the drug in vivo is valueless. For example, methylene blue has an
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Lange proceeded further and found that normal spinal fluids, suit-
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of the skin whose surface has been traversed bj"^ the mechanical irri-
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definitely aimed at in many cases, and it is interesting
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of the ovaries, may exist for years without producing a
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Ironically, in the interest of complete care, the patient is
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affecticm. In an infection the syphilitic virus, the Spirochceta pallida,
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of results. For example, the total animalculae days in beef juice is 1121 ;
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anorexia, weight loss, lymphadenopathy and a periph-