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of ' good sound cider,' as the farmers call it, agreed better than ardent

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This comprehensive and timely contribution to the literature of

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many other homoeopathic practitioners, have employed this medicament

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Rock, Arkansas. About the same time it existed as an epidemic in Mary-

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Thomas's Hospital, after trying various remedies, extract of belladonna

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small-pox in the natural way, witliin a fi:)rtnight after the child's

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child seemed to be completely restored; the head retained its dimin-

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and more safely than through large openings. Patients occa-

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from one-half to one part per cent of menthol or naphthol may advan-

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though a measurement is impossible. In the end, therefore, the decision

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sophical instrument maker; but was prevented, as a non-

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family practitioner in well-established ambulatory care center in

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inch in thickness is liable to result in perforation, it is prudent to use the weak

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much difficulty in the definition of hysteria, but would introduce clinical

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Sivimming, horseback-riding, and, in short, all recog-

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are reversed; for there the radius is pretty large, and the cubitus very small.

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langes are conical in shape, while the terminal phalanx in the

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There is even a difference in the extent of cardiac dulness, according

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allows the operator of the fax to feed the documents into

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rect in this, we are still at as great a loss to determine upon the origin

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Paralysis Following Non-Diphtheritic Membranous Croup. —

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from his daily cares to as great an extent as possible, should take

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refer to the following Fig. 6-2). From the designed mechanism, we can analyze the

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duty at the Purveying Depot, effective July 17— August 4, 19o3.

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served in a small number of cases. In some of these cases the appear-

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often succeed chronic inflammation of the nose. Laryn-

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to the normal even by an excess of injected fluid. In such animals

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a hard day's work or severe exercise. In Ceylon the usual history

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the bactericidal and agglutinating elements in the blood.

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first, with a slight prominence of the clavicle on the affected side. As

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there is always danger of ureemia, although it is possible with careful treat-

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metabolism of the child, but as the experiments progressed we saw the