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plastic thyroid, vary from two cases in 1909 to four cases in 1912.

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ing unusual was noticed, except a bleached appearance of the organs.

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state of active or potential change, and on its relations with

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In health the urine is acid in reaction and turns blue litmus paper

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combined with metals ; as sodium chloride, potassium iodide, etc.

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With advancing knowledge of veterinary medicine the subject

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cyte count 2,700 ; no spontaneous cough or expectoration ; a forced cough

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bellum, therefore, is connected with a special sense, through which it

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is enlarged. The left border of the heart is found by percussion to fall

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ing urine. The solubility of the precipitate stands in an inverted relation

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cultivated to serve as pasturage for animals kept to yield milk

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incident in war, looked solely to the fighting efficiency of the

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pital (by Dr Connell, of Peebles) on May 3rd, nine weeks

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Die Antiseptik in der Augenheilkunde. Ibid., 1887, v,

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Phlegmasia alba dolens is not a very rare complication. The phlebitis

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probable cause of trouble. From this time on mercuric chloride

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out of the seven before he can receive the degree. It is a

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subject of trichuriasis, together with full accounts of four cases

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■[^^'5- in 5 cases ; and ^-^ in 2 cases. In one case the

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there were efforts to vomit. The collapse gradually

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Lecturer on Diseases of Children at the Royal Infirmary School

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have it well moistened with saliva or other fluids,

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