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and capillaries altered by a hyalin-fibroid formation. The

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taining in its interior a colourless transparent viscid fluid. On the eighth

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of the red cells and considerable increase in the leucocytes or lymphocytes

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eruption of the skin and the swelling of the limbs indicate the

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I reported a case of spina bifida to this Society recently, and in

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presence might aid in the diagnosis of the latter as well as of the former condi-

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Diphtheria Near Baltimore. — The residents of Mount

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and she began to sleep well at the end of ten days. The

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Medicine, the chairs of which have been filled with

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for those who, exposed with the sick and liable to become diseased, or

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power of objective and ocular combined, which in every

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The latter is often associated with recurring chills. In either of the al>ove

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