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the base of the brain, however, a large patch of false membrane was found

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A New Method of Resection of the Elbow Joints. Tito

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after recovering from this complaint she became weakly and began to

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gressive spinal muscular atrophy differs from idiopathic muscular atrophy

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Dentistry and the Postal Service. — The regulations

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enough for .the thorough condemnation and exposure of his

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the sphere of active interference in the management of ab-

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1; debility, 3; diarrhaa, 3; dropsy, 1; dropsy of the brain, 4; diabetes, 1; scarlet fever,

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sicians and Surgeons. Although the Universities have more

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Confederate army are now prominent in the control of its affairs.

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In 1870 Paul Bert published his admirable volume on the comparative

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this error. Few signs, individually, are pathognomonic. Their diagnostic sig-

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cult, where the ilium is much curved, to exactly deter-

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of a successful Medical career ; and we must concur in the

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and common sal volatile, this has arisen from an unnecessarily strict

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2. The theoretical objections which have been urged against the ope-

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dissipation. In this way act all agencies which cause

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practice of medicine. How then shall those who scarcely give it a

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the face looks flushed, the eyes glisten and are injected, the margin of

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muscular fibres. This atrophy is a result of the increased prodncUon of

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is very uncertain as to the periods and duration of its attacks, sometimes

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Oesterlen, who describes an excessive elimination of water and of albumen ; and it has

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professor of diseases of children in the woman's medical college ;

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sidered before prescribing alcohol, and it is also of great importance to

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1. A daily attendance at the wards of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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A few years a^o a gentlemau aboat fifty years old who had

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You’ll meet interesting people. Swapping scary airplane

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any college, or exact from such aspirant any stated

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four weeks after the suspicious connection (and more