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forceps the calculus was easily extracted, kneading the calculus for-

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while he may sleep, and generally does sleep, the watcher for the

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Rat Fleas, Transmission of T. lewisi by - - - - - -125

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At this stage of progress, also, there is often very little rotation

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an intermission of 30 days during which the tick was transferred from Chicago to

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cholera have proceeded from the endemic area every fourth, fifth, or

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under aseptic conditions and proved sterile by broth culture.

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MiNCHiN, E. A. 1908. "Investigations on the Development of Trypanosomes in

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from canals which is injurious, that from wells being as a general

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a hypnotic when suffering from a feverish attack. In order to

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brain as quickly as they were formed, and that fatal embolism

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For adults he usually adds chloral. Holt recommends a tablet triturate

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Pyrarmdon. — Pyramidon, an antipyrin derivative (dimethyl ami do

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limb originated, it appears, with Dr Dufour, since, in an article

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constant results may be obtained by different workers familiar

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One of the interesting features of the enlargement of the spleen

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run over 500,000 in only two instances out of 20: average 180,600, maximum 720,000,

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to be shown that Windsor Castle was badly drained ; nothing, per-

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varied. Repeated scarification of the same areas after intervals

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and we fear, in some points, not truly so. There can be no doubt as

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those unaccustomed to any form of exercise, fat and flabby in musculature,

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was so situated as to converge towards this unchangeable direction

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I am still of the opinion that such a form was harbored by the fleas which I investi-

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and one of the most ardent champions of the phosphorus therapy in

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creased oxidation is present. But this condition is very rare, occurring,

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intermittent fever, and attended by, or rather dependent upon, the

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thesia is variable, probably depending on many factors.

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The most striking fact brought out by this study is the great

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especially if we follow Schurz's method. He considers puncture and

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the escaping fluid. The bandage should be changed every day. If for

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