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repeated bleedings, he asked me to see the patient. After first

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sons exemplify the guidance of divers sensations ; instead of sight,

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and consciousness are restored. By the end of the influenza attack

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novice in tropical practice is some time in realising

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eminent chemists, died recently in Paris, France. Becquerel

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which he is at present unable to pronounce any opinion. But

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The event did not justify our expectations, for he had fits on

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equity and good conscience." It is an interesting picture to me

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but mostly affections of the middle car, acute and chronic. Some of

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from it, which we shall endeavour to do in as nearly the author's

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nizing in all devotional feeling and true religious actions, yet so

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cases reported was 5^^ per cent. The high death-rate

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and an unusual amount of force was required to break

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to my great surprise and satisfaction I discovered that, after ten to twelve

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in fatal cases, is between three and four months. In cases which recover,

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last attack, the symptoms of which have almost completely passed away.

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not attempted. The urethral orifice was normal. A Tren-

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Colt .45 and substituting a machine gun. This could hardly

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the farther apart are the zonal lines, and consequently the larger the

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food. Even if only three ounc-(»i> are to l)e us(hI the entire 9 oz. or the

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vacuolar degeneration. The fibers showing fatty degeneration did not

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makes it a misdemeanor to sell milk from a diseased animal,

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to regain the attention and sympathy which have been withheld from

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tion. The pain is more continuous, and is eventually accom-

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be allowed any water, many claiming that the first swallow of

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and new eras for our cherished and beneficent science.

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Cases of purulent infection, he further remarks, have not been met with

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easier. Let us suppose that the usual steps in a Bas-

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trating, powerful ethereal odor. It is nearly insoluble in

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was drawn. The lips were covered with froth. The sense of smell

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that passed while at stool. There coulil he no question

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the fullest capacity at all times. It is reported that from twenty-four

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