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provision of nature, it behooved the physician to think care-

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including those at "Winnipeg, Banff, Edmonton, Montreal and

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in use as hunters, in this country. General change to the more

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being 17,741. The ratio was therefore a little less than r5 per

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ceiver " and lays him in his bassinet on his right side.

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almost to certainty. In certain other diseases of this group a plasma

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sight remain. I am borne out by writers on the subject, though all

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peutic value is great, its excessive cost, together with the

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Her husband's family is said to be free from pellagra. They had five children :

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Series, Quarterly. Nos. 17, 18, and 19, for January,

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Cases of purulent infection, he further remarks, have not been met with

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tion of the condition of the elbow-joint. The woman was about forty years of

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occupy one end or the middle of a bacillus, and the deeply stained balls

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Edited by Timothy K Henke, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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sible for the latter). A study of the non-lactose fermenting bacilli

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the itching which accompanied pregnancy and diseases of

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tion of gastric juice is inhibited by the administration of

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trations of physicians from different sections. The fron-

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tionable. No unpleasant symptoms have followed, and I

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sidered that recent experience pointed strongly to the view that cancer in

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which, if it extends to the fractured lines, can only the more certainly result

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as the coma becomes less deep, slight movements may be seen in the

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disease, 67 per cent, belonged to the latter variety. Of the dysentery cases

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Ikmaids, who had previously become accidentally inoculated