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water becoming low in the cistern, it was found necessary to descend

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why a department of the public service which is notoriously very de-

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which will go to convince the people of the town that there is a deter-

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been made, a deficiency exists, as there always does exist, it is ascribed

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childbed, three years afterwards, the cyst was found to have wasted. —

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poses to which lint and sponges and cotton-wool are now applied. In

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since his registration, have spent four years in Medical Study at one or

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kept up its character by its Journal, and by the character of the papers

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e.xamination and a dissection, and the legal consequences of that differ-

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more than a fair share of anxiety and trouble. My experience of the efficacy of

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man ; she did not do this, and death ensued. Mr. Goldie, surgeon,

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glass filled with Condy's fluid. These irrigators are simply used for

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are not in fault ; they suffer from the faults of the other ingredients of

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ing men at Cologne, is day and night on the premises, besides two

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pericarditis. The heart was of usual size ; but the coronary veins were

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fever in Manchester itself. It rose to the highest pitch about September

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acknowledged to be far superior to the former plan of single examin-

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We shall feel indebted to correspondents who will forward us local

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Northern, 2 p.m.— Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Chil-

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the reception of the dead ; and removal thereto shoidd, when necessary,

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allowed to each adult /ev i/zW/i is one hundred giammcs ; so that, for

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receplion of the sick and wounded during the time of war. Some of

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the first and foremost indication will be to straigliten the uterus — to re-

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Mr. J. Fox, Bath ; Mr. C. Griffith, Ilfracombe ; Messrs. G. W. Fox & Co., Man-

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reporting upon the hospital and sanitary arrangements. The officers

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£20 per annum (with apartments) is open to all Students, through

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to its having been, until recently, the only disinfectant and antiseptic

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fell at Koniggratz — when the Prussian army, pushing on after the re-

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tioner who dispenses medicine to his own patients, c. Of having at-