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edition. In one octavo volume of 550 pages, with a plate, extra cloth, $4. (Just Issiied.)

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The improvement is often rapid, the skin becomes softer, and

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ers. The essentials of his findings are as follows : (i) The

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It is now thoroughly established that sodium bicarbonate exerts a

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truth in any case is to study that case upon its merits; to understand the

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is a dangerous procedure. However, when an individual has

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of ammonium chlorid. It is to be noted that, while the method deter-

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of an animal suddenly killed by prussic acid, or by violent concussion ?

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done does not offer an ideal method of encouraging re-

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one of the chief endemic disorders of all tropical America. The victims

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imperfect dental occlusion and interference with the shape, features

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hydrochloric acid and sodium nitrite react on each other,

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It has become an article of faith with many physicians to deprecate the

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erect, is thirty-three inches ; around the hips, thirty-five inches. Distance

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exposure to cold, over-exertion, excesses in eating or drinking, etc. The

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antitoxic. Ehrhardt injected cultures of bacteria into cats whose

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view of the case or not. But as regards the germ of

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standard works, there is a singular confusion as to the two

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