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present, and careful individualization is necessary. The analogy
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describe each of these defects as occurring under three grades or degrees
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tients suffering from cancer, and Crocker has seen a large crop on the
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him. He continued very noisy during the night, and next
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quaint term of cancer; and, if we take them in con-
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giM)n or the mcjther, returned the singular verdict, " Died by the visi-
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health. Had measles when a child, and chills and fever six years
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In other words, did the cirrhosis of the liver result in an increase of
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is usually involved, but in tangential and retention gunshots
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gave Tinct. Digitalis, mild tonics and as much nutriment as
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chologist worthy of the name who has ever studied it
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lation has been aroused in Europe by the report that
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laries, veins, and left side of heart, and that the lungs are pale
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be given a chance at these positions, as there are a
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being equal, the intensity of the yellow color is proportionate to the degree of
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Some vascular tumors will become softer and smaller,
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canal. In this section no trace of an intestine can be seen ;
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remedial measures, only very prominent and important ones, and leave
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1st. Removal of pressure and tension of joints. 2d.
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tended a child of three years very low with erysipelas.
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posed to he a case of remittent fever, but the malarial
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The most important part of Koch's communication lies in the
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economic development. Health is one human activity, while clearly
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hospital efficiency, 895; a new method of tabulating
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papers, — the first on Poisoning by Henbane, prepared by Dr. Covert,
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distinguish the curable diseases, from those, in which a cure
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present time, in neither the former nor the latter' has a case