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record a case in which long-continued throat disease

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ney from the front to the back, I was enabled by means of my index finger to

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h The painting, MS. V., fol. 43 b, is intended probably for

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untouched side of the thyroid. This diminution is not un-

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are common after parenteral administration of the drug. 12 Also dizziness,

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venous injection of a large amount of the virus, in which case there is

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the day. On leaviii'i^ tlie liospital, Dr. (iibson obtained a commission

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Chemistry, Materia Medica and Toxicology in Rush Medical

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expression. Its latter pages overpass the strict limits of the nominal topic, to

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(b) The provisions of this Chapter shall not pre- 1

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communication of paper by Mr. T. S. Ellis on skin-sliding

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of the skin whose surface has been traversed bj"^ the mechanical irri-

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spark through air containing o.xygen, ozone must e.xist

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submucosa and septum nasi so that right and left nasal chambers

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Miss G., of Pittsburg, nineteen years old, recently a

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Bristol, 419 ; sisterhood, proposed introduction of at

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on the left side. There were slight peripheral opacities in

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called to order, at 11 a.m., by the President, Dr. Burt

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between tumors originating from the adrenal and renal cortex respectively.