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the fcetal sac in tubal pregnancy, while in interstitial pregnancy it would
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try, we have had, in the Western and Southern states, a severe
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conditions; fight it by trying to get the City Council to give us
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Elongation of the uvula coming into contact with the
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toxic compound, and this toxic compound was the cause of the symptoms
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Doubts being expressed by one of my friends who was called in consultation,
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Hughes: Was your thinking taking any particular direction
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cold cream, -^ an ounce; spermaceti ointment, 1 ounce.
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bruised, and I know not what else. My surgeon made his ex-
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containing benzoin, or 5 per cent, solution of menthol in paroleine, may be
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" The first attack he had was by far the most severe, on the 12th of
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instead of the usual symptoms of abscess, such as chills, fever,
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stated, be prompt. Find out by careful examination if any
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Symptoms. — These indicate stenosis of the air tract. There is inspira-
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the physician with having used impure vaccine matter. This impression may
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the intestinal canal along the retroperitoneal tissues, producing exten-
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as generally understood on this side of the Atlantic as
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spreading ones, for those which are diffuse, and lie near large
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days each when a nitrogen balance was struck, so that they do
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As Vulpiau has said : " It is not very uncommon to see an oedema
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and that it is certainly duo to an affection of the brain and not of the eyes
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days represented by multiples of seven. Of cases that recover, the
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ing. A good many doctors who have taken the I^.R.C.P.,
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pital cases in which the diagnosis was. verified at the
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manent, which constitute* tetanus ; however, as may be seen by the galvanoscopic frog, the con-
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Only mucous membranes are rendered anesthetic. It has no effect
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came near to failure from lack of thoroughness. It showed,
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partly for the reason that few have had the time or
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affection. As part of an acute general tuberculosis, the affection of the
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or unrecognized he does not treat some patient who has pyelitis.
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to complain of intense pain in the head and right arm. Then
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" I was ill, lay abed — here at home — the old litany." (Let-