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papers, — the first on Poisoning by Henbane, prepared by Dr. Covert,
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Aitken's testimony to the same effect is very striking:
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phine has been employed in the cure of epilepsy, in cases where cir-
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symmetrically around the segment. In the male there are 16 seg-
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brain, or the channel through which the influence of the will is im-
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cessfully, but we give the pill to the patient, in-
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See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription
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an intensely severe degree of irritation affecting the universal system
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secretary of the Faculte de MMecine, before July 1.
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and infusorial earth. The fine powder thus resulting shows no deterioration
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ness; the face is peculiarly muddy or subicteroid. Later, the patient
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active treatment ; promptly results in destructive organic change ; the latter,
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warmth returned, the pulse rose, respiration became easier, and the
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(2) "Reduction into another preexisting sac, connected by
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are being woven into webs of fresh deductions and new theo-
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In nearly all of my cases the menil)rane has firtit
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the remissions, and the patient remains possessed of a sense of suspicion
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herent delicacy. Unquestionably the presence of adenoids
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upon a bolt projecting from the floor. The blow was
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these could be attacked through an enlarged thoracot-
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The consideration of the third stage of catarrhal pneumonia completes
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ing the same principle by a different method, I made
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LuDWiG Edinger, M.D., Frankfort-on-the-Main. Trans-
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would I keep on this water treatment. I cannot speak definitely
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angels after angels sounding trumpets — and falling stars — and (bounding
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of causing sharp pain and almost total deafness. Soon
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kindness of those many friends who in various ways have
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desire for an improved system of Medical education in this
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ing " of the brain to the skull and dura causes trouble, such as faintness