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In one, especially, the man was squeezed between the bumpers of two heavy

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the work under consideration, after an experience of

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the analyst of the State Board of Health, has examined

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3 contrary, it is possible to detect specific causes of disease by

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Van Bibber, M. D. Reprinted from "Transactions of the Medical and Chi-

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evening the boy became fe^'erish, and perspired during the

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16. a. Biological products known to be efficacious.

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namely, that, whatever their differences, material-

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venes in the midst of good health. Sometimes it is secondary, and super-

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the inflamed skin, and soon burst. They are filled at first, as

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Between the teeth the margins of the gums were hypertrophied

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subject or subjects he will be required to take the ensuing course of

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Sir Philip Sidney, Dr. Johnson and the two Wartons,

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tions are as strong towards that dignified class called the Faculty, as

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and food ingestion consequently limited or some other complications are present.

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liar and sometimes more than one intoxicant. To some it may

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his health, and a skilful physician who was consulted, decided

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right similunar line gives ample room. — The British

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on this topic it may lead me on to white ice, and thus mislead

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Rolls. On May 7 he gave his judgment in favour of the

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Med., Paris, June 29, 1920, Ixxxiii, No. 26, p. 588 ; McEwen, Arch.

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ber of organisms examined occurred within the zone of 4.5 to 4.8,

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bowels," from the fact that the tendency is for the patient

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wound of the tendinous structures is a mere imagination of the ancients ; nor

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VIII, are analvzed in the discussion which follows.

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Plainly the immunization with megatheriolysin had increased the antilytic

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Its advantages are that it produces less disturbance