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1885, i. 141-151.— Blancharti (A.) Observation d'6pi-

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little tendency to heal, but if it does, a puckered scar is produced.

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~ " Traite mcdico-philosophique sur I'alienation mentale." Par

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tioned. Thus is aimed a very direct and perilous blow both at

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with an Illustrative Case. — By Joseph D. Bryant.

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nal hernia was scrotal, but easily returned. The canal

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or later in almost every case by albumen in the urine, which is scanty and

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the right, and two thirds, composed of the lower portion of the

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firm. The trunk and limbs are chiefly affected, but the face does not

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thirty-five years of age, which was cured by applications of the X-ray.

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tines, fetid gas escapes on opening the sac, and the contents of these

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average remuneration. I feel convinced that it is the noblest and most

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point it becomes quite brittle, but when cooler it can

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of milk for a short time, in the forced feeding which has

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it can, in all cases, be depended on whenever the pathological effect of Ergot is possible.

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small, intranuclear bodies make their appearance. The authors be-

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tinctly saved for the service: and it had been decided previously by

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1856.] Jlialhe, Chemistry applied to Physiology and Therapeutics. 165

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milk is more like human milk than that usually obtained.

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thick, with signs of extensive chronic peritonitis, firm

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580 cases of sudden death analyzed by Ogston, thrombosis of the heart

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result of treatment. This last resort may often secure diagnosis

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The addition of oleinic acid or its soluble soaps to a non-activating

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he might as well try to control while asleep the tone of

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these cases showed that the infants continued to lose weight