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of Erasmus. Linacre had, moreover, other titles to the
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It was at the close of the period now referred to that a
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dermatological flora is very extensive and difficult to study; indeed
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moniliform swellings appear along the course of the terminal protoplasmic
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ordinary erythema, eczema, or even of urticaria. In certain cases a
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pruritic. For the vesicular and bullous forms ointments are more
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forgo this immediate satisfaction for the sake of receiving a greater but
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equivalent of 100 percent hemoglobin (see details below
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of that enfeeblement of judgment which allows a sensory impression
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Pink, blue, and green sweats have been ascribed at various times to the
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thickening was diffused with specialised lumps. They were situated with
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excessive irritability generally comes on suddenly ; but in some cases it
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and induration have disappeared the nsevoid mark is usually obliterated.
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whom it wafted from obscurity and indigence in a provin-
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Vicious and degenerate children. — Hypnotic treatment frequently
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(4) It is recommended that a broth culture of Serratia mar-
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the mucous membranes. The disease varies remarkably in severity,
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always a memory of the illness, though in the hysterical this is often
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wealth acquired by the most plebeian papa, makes his
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scales, and so infiltrated that when a fold of the skin is taken up it is
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Especially is this the case with bromide of potassium, the physiological
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Diagnosis. — Two main problems present themselves for our considera-
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immediately after death, by passing a point strongly over the surface.
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3ss. ; lanolini c. oleo 5j- Sulphur may also be used in combination
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The vesicles are larger than those of eczema, and often pass into small
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confinement to bed, without any physical exertion whatever, is required,
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solid deposit in the edge of the sore, as evident to sight and touch, are