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not fight against each other: they fight shoulder to shoulder against
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processes of the vertebne, and, like the cephalic pains, are more or less
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nestly recommend the study of Laennec's masterly work upon
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the persons attacked. In the small numbers with which we are dealing, much
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which it is obtained; fourth, measures are necessary
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valueless, and may be even harmful. Babies should neither
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the length of the blade to be seven inches— in mine it is eight.
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fibers in the posterior roots, the number of such cranial con-
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late sounds and voices), visual (insects), and of smell (bad odour
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his eyesight diminished rapidly, and there was increase of
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aU the skin diseases of the horse were put in a sack and shaken
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a man of thirty -nine, presented himself for treatment
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cases of the acute disease. In genentl, hydragogue eai
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bable by the fact that the child, who was greatly emaci-
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patients to inhale a sufficient quantity from a cone made from a
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(F.) Otcbot o glaznikh bolnikh pri llechebuitt-ie dlya
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death has ever followed life, — we conclude that man, as well as all
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I am in the habit of employing a spray douche, which has many advantages over the
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painful nor dangerous, and from my clinical observa-
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The brain, therefore, has nothing to do with the pains and
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ises laid down that gross mutilations of the limbs or trunk of either parent
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1878. — 11. Elzholz. Jahrb. d. Wie^ier Krankenanstalt, 1892, p. 635. — 12. Ewald.
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the causes of arterial disease, coupling with this an es-
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depressor substance which is found in other tissues.
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of a lady whom I attended along with Mr. Palmer, some time ago, at
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cation. This is a step in the right direction — ^it is a step
when the old church was used as an examination hall ; during that time some most disgrace-
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