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The decidedly conical form of the chest renders the dif-

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Fig. 4.-c. Line of October 31st. d. Line of over which it was heard in-

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same end in view this year, but on an entirely different line, it is

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the twenty-sixth day from the date of the i"g was found in all cases examined of a

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ogy goes, there is nothing indicative of renal disease, nevertheless often

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but died from pva-mia on January 20. The wound w-as doing

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to the dulnesa <»r percussion over the abdi in. < >n percussion, the distension of tin'

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of the sound caused much pain and some blood followed its withdrawal.

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as under suspicion, and in ,those cases where isolation is not enforced

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up for long periods of time. I have given this class of cases much

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We have here, then, a baby seven months old with a very

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clearly the great utility of chloroform in midwifery practice. Without the aid

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larger part of the poison wa^ eliminated very rapidly and there

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the piiticnt. Ooc-t- (Ictaclu'd finin tin- uiulerlyinj,' liv-

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Hamilto.n, J. B., surgeon. Detailed ch;iirmaii. Board to

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With regard to syringes, I have tried several. At present

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ing the anterior part of the chest, — established the con-

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is lower much of the time, and the water in the air is actually less.

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was had to section of the cartilages. With regard to the chances of recurrence,

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The prophylactic treatment of scurvy has for generations

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the patient is relieved from the discomfort of a second

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best interests of womanhood ; not to amuse ourselves by play-

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there is no effective medical treatment for appendicitis, while that for

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gr. x. Dec. 21st. — Is much better. Albumen in the urine diminished. Ifc

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per cent, had been dissolved in eight days ; in the latter, ~f> per cent, in five

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Symptoms. A person, we will suppose, is bitten by a

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and cephalotripsy are perhaps greater, but by no means insuperable.

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s the tonic contraction of muscles. With these local symptoms

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annual tax, and in some instances have destroyed entire crops.

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consented, with the result that an impervious vagina had to be incised, thereby

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In the same manner the action of specific disease poisons is