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records experiments which point to the production of antinephrolysins in
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org-an; but the fact we know to be otherwise; and therefore we presume
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been verified by other observers. As far as observation goes it seems
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tack of vertigo, incoherence, or rambling ; sometimes a rigor. The disease
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from 2 to 4 hours, i. e., the side exposed to the rays seems
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er extremities are generally dangerous, though many such
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quer sepsis. In many respects the serum of certain ani-
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effects the denaturation of proteins and their coagulation in the serum
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masses, extending from side to side of the pharyngeal vault. In a large
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stantiated by the improvement and cure in a series of cases treated
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ers. Two other practitioners, a midwife, and the husband assisted, the lat
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Lecture VI. on "Fevers in General," is a singular pro-
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These deaths do not occur because like pneumonic plague or
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Of the children, 51 were males and 37 females; the sex of
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numbers it is not necessary to stain the blood, as the organism can
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