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maximum was reached, and then usually returned gradually to

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Their constancy in the blood of persons suffering with

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great worth was not new, but it did not justify inveighing

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from Danish pliysicians. Unfortunately, these writers were

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Dr. Joseph C. Beck has been appointed pathologist and

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diate effect; and whether such rule would define that the

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the neighboring engorged blood-vessels were depleted and

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(1) The -iilHUtan--.ui- injeetiuii .if pure -train- d. ^e- imt. a- a rule,

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scissors slit the cervix back as far as the vaginal folds. These

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gradual and substantial appreciation of its merits.

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observed no regularity in their hour of accession. All

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and in either French or German at the option of the Candi-

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attained its full recognition in medicine. The invigor-

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He further suggests the following interesting hypothe-

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related mortality rates were apparent in Hispanics and in

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A stuporous condition with, about the fifth day, a rash first appearing about ab-

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at a low temperature, but L. malarice requires a distinctly higher

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the face approaching towards the toes. Pleurosthotonos, or lateral

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there be continuous and active fever, in which case we have an indica-

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Autopsy. — Diaphragm on right side rises to the fonrth space;

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the blood bulk since the primary hemorrhage. Case 2 (Text-fig. 2)

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this particular instance, however, it was to the Rev. Cotton

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extensor contracture at the wrists and flexor contrac-

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conditions such cheeses should now go to a ripening cellar to be

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The cases per 1000 of the inhabitants in 1832 were, in round numbers, 8;

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matica). Ber. ii. d. Verhandl. d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f.

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of these in each ward. The rooms other than wards have common steam

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eruption, and had been treated, in London, by the late Mr.

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As to the part played by the leucocytes, it appears that

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stituting the channel of sensation, whilst the other portion of the posterior or sensitive

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Un the occasion of the Exposition at Vienna, Her Majesty

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vaccinal small-pox. This is pretty well, but there is more to

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proves to be a solution as to the danger of x-ray burns,

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not been derived from statistical observation. It is not by

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in vogue in the treatment of tetanus in this country were of no service ; in most of the