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12calcium channel blockers and digoxin interactionFor this reason and because of certain features that are peculiar to this
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17digoxin and lanoxinW. B. Stanton^ has called attention to the frequency of Basedow's symp-
18digoxin and solubility
19drug interaction between digoxin and lasix
20drug interaction coumadin and digoxin
21interaction of digoxin and potassium
22levothyroxine and digoxinprotoplasmic and reducing its excitability, would explain the exhaustion
23digoxin beta blockers heart failureGroup," there were several cases of this character.
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26digoxin toxicity definition
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31digoxin for infantThe study of the urine gives, as a rule, the most important signs, pyuria,
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38digoxin toxicityvulsed, and soon the entire musculature of the body is in irregular, jerky,
39digoxin trade namethese cases (four in number) it operated briskly on
40digoxin use in pediatrics
41digoxin used forTims, weak acid causes a cojiious secretion, while alkali has no efTect;
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44first signs of digoxin toxicityentering the empty capillaries. The stasis and cyanosis persist so long
45how do hypokalemia induce digoxin toxicity
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