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12 •The Value of Clinical Microscopy, Bacteriology and Chemistry

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145-151.— lirvipiNOliii (G. ) Zur Frage der stiiiidigon

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A letter received from his daughter states that six years ago he went to Sacra-

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sulphite of soda, and the other sulphites, are valuable as palliates when-

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Some, when we have looked for their visible recovery, have

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community throughout the State has cases of this class that there

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thing that seems to promise good results, that they

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fering a good deal of inconvenience, he managed to get about with the

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structure. Small haemorrhages take place here and there into

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diagnosis had not been ma 1e until after death. It was a

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they had not even recommended him to their acquaintances : the

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these cases, we are disposed to believe, that much carelessness

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from old age. He died from disease. It was to me a pain-

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la fi^vre typhoide normale. Bull. gen. do therap. [etc.].

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Moore, Edward M., 74 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, Monroe Co.

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been more easily accomplished, bnt the condition of the ducts required

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B, giant-cell reticulum with some large epithelial and many

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any skill of their own, but by that of the artist.'

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dmc'iri.jht farts at present more than any thing else. — RUSKIN.

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we must have a clear conception of the physiologic mechanism by

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and came finally to the grand conclusion, not only that the tides of

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have still the resource of laying bare the artery and tying it, wliicli

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the last report will serve as a sample of what may be done.

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occm:, and each has its victims. Natives wound with ar-

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cedes the maneuver. Also, the abdominal muscles are

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in Betz's giant cells — swelling and chromatolysis (Ballet and Faure).

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