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that the statutes or department rules of the state require by way of reports from physicians.

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Ahth., 76-112, 1 pi.— Stiilting (B.) Ueber die Erhbhung

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000. That they were light, however, is shown by the

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purgatives, in the form of pill or bolus, followed by draughts composed

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therefore, in cases that justify this procedure, will first be

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tion and some softening. Number of injections, one.

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There does not appear to be ground for the belief that the presence of the

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very concerned Cabout whether! I would ever be able

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of training in students, both iu Germany and in France

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Almost at once the patient dropped into a sound sleep, and some

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devolve upon him to satisfy a jury on this point. This is the very difficulty

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Smith of Bridgeport. All these have finished their record, closed

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during coughing, or in the alimentary tract in swallowed

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the farmer himself, who had suffered at Wejrmouth, and had ever

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10 whom I saw twenty years ago, who was attacked with

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the hypodermic was repeated, as he appeared to be suffer-

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rise again falls, to rise subsequently to a great height. The pupils may

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who were not sufficiently impressed by the precepts of Bell and Guth-

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able number of people either lived or worked within a

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twenty-nine days. Similar results have been reached by other obser-

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The large films were then reduced to a small cinemato-

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Gage (Boston, Mass.) in their joint paper with the above title,

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Conner considers that thrombosis is probably much more common

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of abdominal palpation. It cannot be palpated in the

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so that the parts of the history cannot be assembled. A

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occurred to the extent of l^ inches, in one 1| inches,

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ment," with no relief; a year she was treated for ** ul-